Our Roots

Here at Navigator UA, we are willing to demonstrate to the whole world that Ukraine is a country worth salvation, worth freedom, and prosperity. So as any other country attacked by the Kremlin in the past. During this difficult time, the Ukrainian people, due to circumstances, became a living shield between Russian aggression and the Free World. We truly believe that engaging more people in providing financial aid and volunteering will make a significant impact on the situation in Ukraine. Let's make this world a better place to live in!

Tax Identification Number (EIN): 88-1198291
501 (c)(3) Public Charity Organization

We use fundraising and volunteering as the instruments to directly and effectively help the victims of the war in Ukraine by distributing obtained funds to the right institutions and communities. With the support of our coordinators and volunteers, we provide humanitarian aid, transportation, logistic and tactical solutions to those in need. We also aim to help low-income families and children who lost their parents due to the war or any other reason.



Aleksslav Dykhanov


My name is Aleksslav. I am Ukrainian in USA. Living in California doesn't feel like being an alien. Everyone can find their own space to live and work. I found myself in entrepreneurship. So I sat down and said to myself "While people in my country are suffering, being displaced from their homes, losing their houses, or what's even worse losing their loved ones because of the war, I can do my part - help." As an entrepreneur I already knew how to handle business. That meant I had all knowledge and organization skills to create a new one. But this time it is special and non-profit. So we collaborated with my wife Lily and created Navigator UA to further engage hundreds of thousands of people in their efforts to do better for this world.


Liliana Melnychuk

Vice President

My name is Liliana Melnychuk. I am originally from Ukraine. I have lived in California, USA for over five years while absorbing the culture and the unique atmosphere of the Silicon Valley. Since my family and I arrived to United States in 2016 the world has changed dramatically in all meanings. There are so many disasters, viruses, wars that people have survived and that affected the whole human being. I decided I want to change something for better. Yes, I'm little but I'm also enough to make a difference. Especially when surrounded by people who have same priorities and goals in their lives. And I'm proud that one of those people is my husband and partner Alex.